Need the right words to launch your business into the stratosphere ? 

Great at what you do but not at writing content ?

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Copywriting Magic

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Know your business but not marketing and content creation? Let's sit down and cook up some delicious copy.

Get stellar: 

  • Facebook ads

  • Video Scripts

  • Emails 

  • Websites & Sales Pages

  • Blogs & Social Media Posts

  • Signature stories

  • Articles

Define your Branding niche and establish yourself as an expert. 

Want to write a page-turner that wows your readers and attracts your soul clients?  

  • Speak to a specific audience 

  • Know exactly what you offer the world 

  • Write powerfully and honestly

  • Publish the book your readers want now

  • Turn an outline into a completed manuscript in just 3 months

  • Save time & energy -- and get published

Artistic Expression as a way to Consciously Manifest ?  


  • Creative Writing

  • Creative Journaling

  • Conscious Creation

  • Discover Your Personal Archetypal Story

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Unleashing the Power of Words

As a copywriter, editor and book coach, Nicole does more than just tame run-on sentences and proofread drafts. A writing teacher for over 30 years- she has designed, managed and lead diverse writing projects for artists and entrepreneurs.  Nicole's obsessed with getting her clients’ words working for them. If they don’t have that spark or leave an impact, she’ll find what’s off and turn it into powerful, targeted content that converts readers into buyers.



I'm Nicole and I believe the right words work magic.

They open doors, make sales, change the world.

As a copywriter, ghostwriter, writing teacher, and book coach with over 30 years experience leading diverse writing projects, I know how tricky it can be to get the right words. I've worked with every age group from children to grad students-- teaching outdoor education and creative writing in Argentina to private, online classes– designing and teaching writing programs. I now work exclusively with entrepreneurs, so I know all the tricks and traps that can make or break your writing.

In 2014 I moved back to the US after living 25 years in South America. I got a beach cottage in south Florida and now do all my writing and teaching in flip flops. 


"Because of the space Nicole helped me create, I could see my thought patterns and the words on repeat in my head. Nicole showed me how to realign with my vision, take action, and finish my book."  

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